"At Air Force Federal Credit Union we have found that there are times when you need business partners with specialized skill sets to do things the right way, particularly when facing potential compliance challenges. We needed a partner that we could rely upon to handle our portfolio in a member centered and professional way. Since we began our relationship with AmeriNational in November 2010, we have had no member service issues. Four plus years can be an eternity if you have a challenging business partner.

AmeriNational's professional staff is proactive and anticipates challenges. They are quick to communicate and provide sound advice. If you need professional, compliant mortgage servicing of the highest quality, I am more than willing to give AmeriNational two big thumbs up!"

Robert A. (Bob) Glenn,
Air Force Federal Credit Union

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Welcome to AmeriNational Community Services

AmeriNational’s primary focus is government based economic development and affordable housing.Our clients include government agencies, Habitat for Humanity affiliates, financial institutions and non-profits.

Our vision statement is to “Partner with others to increase and preserve the availability and quality of housing and economic development opportunities nationwide.”

We offer a comprehensive menu of services that have been customized to meet our client’s needs. Services offered to support our clients include:
  • Loan Servicing:
    AmeriNational is an experienced loan servicer providing the tasks of payment collection, processing and remittance, delinquency notices, escrow administration, 1098 reporting, and other back-office functions necessary in effectively administering a loan program. Learn More
  • Credit Underwriting and Program Delivery:
    We are committed to helping our clients deliver affordable housing in their communities…Let us assist you in your program development, application intake, credit underwriting and document preparation and closing activities.
    Learn More
  • Compliance Monitoring:
    AmeriNational provides Davis-Bacon and state prevailing wage compliance, LIHTC and state program compliance services, housing quality inspections, and financial monitoring services. Learn More
  • LoanLink:
    One of the most valued aspects of AmeriNational’s servicing system is LoanLink, an internet tool that allows both our clients and their borrowers access to loan information. LoanLink is provided at no extra cost to our clients or their borrowers. Learn More
  • Multifamily Housing Services:
    AmeriNational has combined the services above to a comprehensive package of multifamily servicing, beginning with credit underwriting and financial analysis, through construction and rehabilitation, to permanent loan servicing and compliance monitoring. Learn More

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